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pearl grey velvet collar

pearl grey velvet collar

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This extra soft, beautiful pearl grey velvet collar is perfect for any special occasion. Its luxurious feel with rose gold accents will get your pup to stand out during holiday gatherings! 

Pair this with the rest of the velvet walk bundle here.

Ultra soft velvet material with rose gold hardware.
Adjustable from a long range of sizes

XS - 5/8" wide | Fits necks from 7" - 12" 
S - 5/8" wide | Fits necks from 11" - 18"
M - 7/8" wide | Fits necks from 12"- 20" 
L - 1" wide | Fits necks from 16" - 28" 

Handwash recommended; soak in warm, soapy water and rinse. Hang to dry.