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& MUTTS CO. Gives Back

Every year, we make it a priority to contribute to our community as it is an important aspect to our small business. 

2021: We donated $1,534.49 to Hate is a Virus: Community Action Fund- A movement that amplifies, educates, and activates AAPI to stand for justice and equality in solidarity with other communities. We created a collection that donated 50% of profits to this non-profit during the rise of asian-related hate during the covid crisis. 

We donated $109.96 to Susan G. Komen to help fight breast cancer and contributes to further research, effective treatments, and vital patient support. 

2022: We donated $1,016.90 to Sunflower of Peace to help the poeple of Ukraine affected by the Russion invasion. 100% of profits through the 'pray for peace' fundraiser we held were donated to help provide medical and humanitarian aide. 

2023: We donated a total of $800 to Maui to the residents of the island who were affected during the time of the wildfires. $400 was donated to Maui Humane Society. and another $400 was donated to Maui Support Fund. 50% of the profits from our Aloha 2023 collection was donated, and 100% of the profits from our sea-themed dog toys were donated. 

2024: We donated $1,000 towards NAMI (National Alliance on Mental Illness)  a fundraiser held in loving memory of one of our ambassadors of our team. We hold our AMC family close at heart, and we strive to make a positive impact within our loving pet community. 100% of proceeds of our 'jovie' bandanas were donated, with the help with Karrie F. 

Altogether, we have fundraised and donated $4,461.35 through the craft of our bandanas, and we hope to continue to find ways to give back to our community moving forward. Thank you for teaming with us, your generosity makes a huge difference! 

Updated June 2024.