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6 fun ways to spend quarantine with your pup

I hope everyone has been safe and healthy during this time. Practicing the stay-at-home order can be a difficult transition for most of us, but for some - it can be a blessing in disguise. 
As for our pooches, I am sure they're loving that we can spend every waking moment with them. However, having to stay indoors all the time can limit us from the ways we regularly keep our dogs active.

Here are a 6 fun activities you can do with your pup during this time: 

1. Build a cardboard puzzle feeder. I think we're all guilty of excessively ordering new items online since we are unable to go out and shop at physical store locations. One way to reuse the cardboard box is to make a puzzle feeder out of it. Get creative and cut holes, drop some treats in, and tape it up for some challenging fun! I can ensure that this will keep your pup entertained for quite some time. Of course, keep your pups in close supervision because this can get really messy.

2. Start a pup-stagram. It's always nice to look back and see what you've been up to with your pooch. Use Instagram as a memory log to keep track of all the adventures you've had together, whether it's to the dog park, beach, road-trip, or just bedtime snuggles. One thing I regret is not taking as many photos as I could have when he was a puppy - they grow up way too fast.

3. Play hide and seek. This was one of my favorite activities when my dog and I were much younger (he's a 16 y/o senior now). I would throw a treat somewhere in my house for him to sniff for it, and I'd go hide. I would hide in a different room behind couches or doors, somewhere easy of course! After he finds the treat, he would come looking for me as I call his name. He would be so confused and look everywhere for me! It was always the cutest when he would finally find me. Try this with your pup and let me know how it goes! 

4. You can't go wrong with a KONG ®. Aside from the standard red KONG ®, KONG ® offers a host of enrichment items that would be perfect for this time. Many of us who are working from home may need to keep our pups entertained while we are on calls or busy completing tasks. I recommend the KONG ® Classic, Rewards Shell, Wobbler, Flipz, Tiltz, or Gyro! Puzzle toys are great for getting them to test their canine instincts and to keep them mentally stimulated.

5. Go on a hike... down the street. If you have an active dog who is used to exercising regularly, being cooped up at home probably isn't the easiest for the both of you right now. Challenge yourself and your dog to take routes with progressive elevation for more of a strenuous exercise. Hopefully it can tire your dog out more quickly! Don't forget to wear your mask if it's enforced in your county.

6. Teach them a new trick. Can you name a more perfect time than now to train your pup new tricks? YouTube is a great resource for you to learn some techniques on training. You've got the time, but let's hope you don't run out of treats!