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Let's keep your pets safe this July 4th

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Happy July! Celebrating the Fourth can be exciting with warmer temperatures, outdoor barbecues, and gathering of friends and family. However, this can be a stressful time for our pups as they have more sensitive hearing when it comes to fireworks. 

Here are 8 tips to keep your pets safe during this holiday: 

  • Keep your pets indoors during your outings and firework displays. Did you know that July 5th is reported to be the busiest days for animal shelters? It's a dog's natural instinct to run and hide in times of fear and anxiety. Keeping our pets sheltered indoors as the fireworks go off can help prevent them from running away from home. 
  • Keep them busy during the day. To tire your pup out, bring them to the dog park, take them on a hike, or go on a puppy play date. This way they can rest a little easier when the fireworks go off at night time. 
  • Make sure your pup is wearing a collar. In any case where your dog happens to run away, the collar will help others indicate that your dog belongs to a family. Including a dog tag to the collar with your contact information can help others locate you. Microchipping your pup is also a must! 
  • Watch what they eat. During your barbecues, take note of where people are throwing their trash or leaving food behind. Let's keep their snouts of out the trashcans and ensure that garbage are out of their reach. I can promise you that leftovers from your party will not sit well in their stomachs. 
  • Try CBD oil or treats. One way to relieve stress and anxiety is providing your pups with CBD oil or CBD infused treats before the firework display.  Check out our friends at Bailey's CBD for more information on all the health benefits of CBD for pets.
  • Give extra love to your pets. When they are feeling scared during this time, comfort them with your voice, and make them feel safe. From my experience, my pup wants to be around me when he's feeling fearful or anxious in these situations. I try to keep him safe and comfortable by keeping him beside me and let him know that I am right by his side.
  • Play music or leave the television on. If you aren't planning to be home during this time, playing background noise can be a good distraction from the noise of fireworks. 
  • Have them wear a pressure garment. Thundershirts, and similar products work really well for calming effects. Having one on hand can be useful for when other situations arise, such as traveling, vet visits and thunderstorms.

Lastly, don't forget to have your pups' wear their AMB gear to add to the festivities! Enjoy your Fourth of July celebrations, but don't forget to keep your pets on your mind during this time. Stay safe!